The Story Behind the Numbers

How Are Businesses Valued?

Capital Valuation Group Madison What is my business worth

Dear Cathy, I am the owner of a car dealership with 2 locations, and I find it stressful that I can’t answer the simple question “what is my business worth?” I need to know this as I plan for location expansion and insurance purposes.  Frankly, I have hesitated to reach out to someone because unlikeRead More…

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Why Business Valuation Shortcuts Don’t Work

The Story Behind the Numbers . . . Dear Cathy, I have 100% ownership of a third-generation plastics manufacturing facility.  My 58th birthday is coming up and that has me really thinking about what comes next for the business after I retire…or I should say so that I can retire in the foreseeable future. IRead More…

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Who Might Be a Buyer For My Business?

Dear Cathy,   About 10 years ago I bought out two of my siblings/partners in an artisan cheese business in order to keep our family business within our family. I now have majority share with myself and one younger sibling left as owners in the business. I’d like to more clearly understand the options forRead More…

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Cap Valuation Group Madison Transferability

Dear Cathy, I’ve owned a plumbing business for 20 years. As I work with my financial planner on retirement planning, I need to gain a better understanding about the value of my business.  A little background: I am a licensed plumber and do not have any employees, but my wife takes care of the businessRead More…

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Why Business Valuations Are Needed

Capital Valuation Group Madison Bridging The Gap

Dear Cathy, I am a 56-year-old owner of a 2nd generation manufacturing business.  I have read about people getting business valuations and I’m interested to understand why I should look at doing this? Sincerely, Jim Jim, Thank you for your question!  Some people are forced to have their business valued due to the death ofRead More…

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