Business Ownership Advising – Managing Your Business as an Investment

Business needs change over time and Capital Valuation Group can help guide you through business succession and transition planning, conflict resolution or other ownership related issues so you can move forward towards your goals. Working with Capital Valuation Group offers you a chance to work on your business, not just in your business.

We facilitate an orderly and engaging process as our team of experts collaborates with business owners and other key stakeholders or advisors to plan ahead for transition or bring resolution to issues to meet ownership goals. As expert communicators, we can work objectively with multiple parties to facilitate conflict resolution and inspire solutions.

Services vary based on individual situations, but the following topics are common:

  • How do you begin to transition out of business ownership?
  • Options to transition out of your business – ESOP, Gifting, Selling
  • How to transition business ownership without giving up operational control
  • Transitioning out of ownership over time
  • Alignment around ownership goals
  • Facilitating internal conversations relating to ownership and/or value
  • How does your company’s legal structure impact value? (C corp, S corp, etc.)
  • How to use ownership to motivate employees
  • Guiding your team through implementation of changes & progression toward goals

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