Valuing The Family Business & Managing Ownership Issues


Capital Valuation Group has over 45 years of experience working with family business owners to help them understand and drive value in their business. We recognize unique issues exist within family businesses, so we also help facilitate conversations related to transition, ownership and valuation among family members and non-family members inside the business.

We help family businesses acknowledge the past but look to the future. To do this we work to understand the family dynamics, the business and the industry. Then we help set business and/or family relationships aside and determine what needs to get done in order to keep focus on business and economic objectives. A few examples of common topics during facilitated meetings include:
  • Developing an overall family business plan and defining the family’s ownership philosophies
  • How to be fair to family members inside and outside the business
  • What to do when a family member(s) won’t delegate
  • How to delegate to the next generation, yet maintain control
  • What to do when multiple family members are interested in ownership
  • Is the next generation qualified and ready for ownership?
  • Aligning necessary skillsets
  • Entitlement versus earning a position in the business
  • Facilitating difficult conversations

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