Buy-Sell Valuation Provisions

It can be hard to know how to get started towards necessary changes or resolution of ownership related issues. Capital Valuation Group provides ownership solutions that help business owners successfully move forward through change, transition or conflict.

If there is more than one owner in a business it is critical to have a Buy Sell Agreement in place with valuation provisions that reflect the current intentions of the owners under all potential triggering events (death, divorce, retirement, termination, etc.), especially for family businesses.

We can review and critique your existing buy/sell valuation provisions or help in crafting valuation provisions for a new Buy Sell agreement. This will help you prepare for issues that can otherwise arise if there is an unexpected need to buy out an owner or sell the entire business, during what can be an already stressful time.

Working with Capital Valuation Group is more than a transaction; you’ll have a team to help you meet ownership challenges head on.

Contact us to learn more about Buy-Sell valuation provisions and what you can do with your ownership equity.