Understanding and Driving Business Value

It is common for business owners to focus only on increasing revenue to increase business value. In reality, there are numerous value drivers beyond revenues.

This 1/2 day meeting will uncover your business’s value driver strengths and opportunities so you leave with a better understanding of your business’s value and prioritized examples of ways to maximize value.

Spend a bit of time with us to identify internal and external factors that impact value, and discover how to make changes to increase value. Together we’ll consider multiple factors, including:

  • Dependency on a single customers or suppliers
  • Role of technology
  • Regulatory environment
  • Intangibles (patents, trademarks, brand, etc.)
  • Dependence on a key employee or owner
  • Consistent, clean, high quality accounting
  • Company culture
  • Capital structure (mix of debt and equity)
  • Internal systems in place and documented

Want To Better Understand What Drives Your Business’s Value?
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