Determining The Value Of Your Business – It’s Not About A Multiple

At Capital Valuation Group we know many business owners and advisers think you can apply a multiple to a number on the income statement to complete a business valuation. Yet, the income statement was never intended to reflect value. To accurately value a privately owned company you have to look under the hood—learn about the company’s brand, clients, reputation, employees, culture, and capacity to grow or improve, along with a number of other factors.

We analyze and research pertinent business valuation topics for your business and industry, and we ask questions in a way others don’t to get at “the story behind the numbers”. We develop valuation and economic models to reach meaningful conclusions that help you make informed decisions.

Our clients tell us we break down complex topics in a way they find useful. The result is that you will actually understand the story behind what your numbers mean, and learn about best practices and potential implications for today and the future.

Whether you are interested in having a business valuation done because you are considering selling your business, buying a business, are proactively doing business succession planning, have pending litigation or because it is required for your SBA loan application, we can help. We want you to understand your valuation and feel comfortable asking questions about the conclusions so you can move forward and make change happen.

As part of the valuation process we will:

  • Analyze and understand historical trends
  • Identify forward-looking capacity
  • Develop assumptions for future financial business plan
  • Develop what-if scenarios
  • Arrive at conclusion of value
  • Communicate conclusion of value

Even if you are not considering selling your business or facing an immediate legal need for a business valuation, regular updates to your valuation can ensure your strategic and day-to-day decisions are supporting your long-term goals.

Which Type of Business Valuation Is Right For You?
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