Welcome, Ian Johnson!

It’s our 50th Anniversary year, and CapVal is continuing to grow!  Ian Johnson, CPA, has joined the CapVal team as a Business Valuation Analyst. Ian began his career at a large accounting firm doing audit work and honing his skills communicating complex accounting concepts to non-accountants. We are excited to have him join our team doing business valuation analysis and supporting CapVal clients. You may see Ian’s name in your email inbox as you kickoff your next valuation or litigation project with us, so we wanted to share this brief Q&A to help you get to know him.

Q:  What drew you to Capital Valuation Group?  

Coming from a large accounting firm, I like the idea of a boutique firm that is focused on growth but is a more family focused environment.  I’m excited to work with privately held business owners beyond financial statement audits and to think more broadly about the success of their business. I thrive when I have the opportunity to make meaningful change, not just inch forward through small incremental progress.

Looking ahead, the potential for partnership that has long been part of CapVal’s structure is also a motivating goal for my future at CapVal.

Q: Please tell us more about your expertise.  What type of work did you do prior to CapVal?

I graduated from Carthage College in 2019 with a degree in Accounting & Finance. From there I earned my CPA license and went to work for a large accounting firm assigned to a variety of industries with a focus in telecommunications, manufacturing, and employee benefit plans.  My role often included working with people who didn’t understand the intricacies of accounting, so I became well versed at breaking down complex topics to make it easier to understand and take action.

I enjoy managing projects and working with people to increase understanding while meeting or exceeding deadlines. I believe these skills will translate perfectly from public accounting to my new role at CapVal.

Q: What aspect of business valuation most interests you? 

My prior role as an auditor helped me develop a strong understanding of accounting and financial statements. However, I didn’t get the chance to learn about operations or how each individual client was planning for the future.

At CapVal I’m excited to dig in to the story behind the numbers and identify what is driving the trends for each unique business we are working with based on where the business has been, as well as what it means going forward.

Q: Have you always called Wisconsin home?  

Yes! I was born at UW Hospital and have lived on the East, West, and North sides of Madison.  My big move south was when I went to college in Kenosha.

Q: How do you like to spend your time outside of work?

I love being outdoors, so my hobbies depend on the time of year but typically include my dog Robbie doing things like hiking, trail running, going to the dogpark, and traveling up north in the summer. I like being active and going to the gym, as well as playing organized sports like basketball, volleyball, and golf.

Q: What is the best way for people to connect with you?  

It would be great to connect with people on LinkedIn.  I’m active there on a daily basis, or you can email me at ijohnson@capvalgroup.com.

Please help us welcome Ian when you see him!