Meet David Mitten, the Newest Addition to Our Growing Team at Capital Valuation Group

David has joined the CapVal team as a Business Valuation Analyst, and with 12 years of experience doing financial analysis and business modeling, he has hit the ground running! You will see David in meetings and calls if you haven’t already, so we wanted to share this brief Q&A to help you get to know him.  

Q: Welcome, David! Your previous employer was a manufacturing company. What motivated you to make the switch to working in the field of Business Valuation?   
A: In my previous position, the company went through a series of transitions from a mid-sized family owned company, to being part of a public company based out of state, and then in less than a year the company was sold and we became part of a multinational company. Through all of these transitions, my role was to focus on modeling business risks and opportunities as well as analyzing financials for “what if” scenarios.    As I came to understand the CapVal process, I realized I could build on these skills and apply them in all different industries to help business owners work through important transitions and make smart decisions that help them reach their business and life goals.   

Q: What aspect of business valuation do you like the most?  
A: I’m a pragmatic thinker and like to use both sides of my brain to creatively find solutions. Many times we think there’s only one answer to a question or one solution to a problem, when actually that’s not the case.      With business valuation, we analyze the quantitative factors, but then there’s also the qualitative factors that make each business unique and impact the value. I enjoy building trusted relationships as we look at the end goal and using all the information we have available to strategize how to take advantage of opportunities to help business owners, and business advisors, accomplish their goals.    I was drawn to how Capital Valuation Group talks about the story behind the numbers, and looks at more than just the financial information as they work with owners and their advisors to value a business.   

Q: Have you always called Wisconsin home?   
A: I grew up in the Madison, WI area and then moved to Illinois to attend college at Olivet Nazarene University where I earned a degree in Psychology. From there I went to UW-Whitewater for my MBA/Finance and have lived and worked in the Madison area ever since.  

Q: How do you like to spend your time outside of work?  
A: My wife and I have two daughters. We discovered this past summer that we love fishing, either going out to the pond together or on a boat with friends. I also enjoy golfing, cooking and doing projects around our house. I am curious by nature and like to reverse engineer things in order to learn new skills. My favorite example of this is figuring out how to make a custom kitchen table based on a design we liked.   

Q: What is the best way for people to connect with you?   
A: My email is and I also invite people to connect with me on LinkedIn here.   

Please help us in welcoming David to the team!