Upcoming Webinars – CLE (1 Credit Each)

The Anatomy of a Buy/Sell Agreement


December 8th, 2022 // 12:00PM CST


Presented by CapVal’s Jane Tereba, ASA, CPA 

Attorneys draft buy/sell or operating agreements regularly for their business owning clients.  But what about those paragraphs dealing with the valuation provisions?  How will the business be valued? These become the most critical paragraphs when a triggering event occurs, and triggering events include far more than just death or disability of an owner.  Ultimately, an agreement between business owners should reflect the owners’ intent—which means boilerplate language does not work. 

In this course, we will cover why such phrases as “Fair Market Value” and “Book Value” are not sufficient direction to a business appraiser and why formulas don’t work.  We will share a matrix our firm has developed for determining the intent of the owners under all six triggering events so attorneys can easily insert unambiguous valuation provisions into these important agreements. 

Lying, Cheating & Stealing—Fraud Trends and Techniques


December 16th, 2022 // 12:00PM CST


Presented by CapVal’s Marty Mathias, CPA, CFE 

Fraud continues to be prevalent and costly.  The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners estimates organizations lose 5% of revenue each year to fraud and that the median fraud loss is $117,000. 

In this course, we will cover the latest fraud trends and explain the three basic types of fraud.  Our presentation will include case studies, fraud prevention strategies, and a discussion on how engaging a forensic accounting professional can strengthen your cases.