Divorce Levels of Service

What it is:

We realize that a divorce that involves a business as one of the marital assets is more complex for counsel to navigate.  At the start, it is difficult to tell whether it is worth it to have the business valued. To help, we’ve broken our valuation services into different levels or steps, most with fixed fees, so counsel can get the necessary information to answer the questions at hand and know if they need to proceed or whether they’ve done enough to provide sound advice and guidance to their client, while at the same time containing fees.

Ultimately, our goal is to provide the necessary information to help couples settle on the issue of the value of a business BEFORE going to trial.

Our levels of valuation service help counsel answer such things as:

  • What information should I request from the business owner-spouse?
  • Is this business transferable/saleable?
  • What about the discretionary/personal expenses included in the business’ accounting?
  • Is the cost of hiring an appraiser likely to be worth it?
  • What is fair market value of the business before writing a full report so that we might settle?
  • What is the income available for support?
  • Can we get good analysis and settle before getting to the trial-/mediation- ready stage?
Divorce Phases of Work PDF