How to work efficiently and effectively with financial experts

Article Series: How to work efficiently and effectively with financial experts  

Litigation cases involving a business that has been damaged or has owners who disagree on the value of the business are complex and often require a financial expert. 

Capital Valuation Group has been working with litigation attorneys for over 45 years to determine independent opinions of damages or business value and when necessary, testify as to these opinions in both state and federal courts. 

You know the law. We know the process and details of calculating financial damages, forensic tracing, business valuation, and how to communicate in writing and through testimony in an understandable way.  That is why we are sharing a series of articles to serve as a resource to show you how to optimize working with a financial expert. 

You can think of these upcoming articles as a mini-course on “Navigating Business Damages and Valuation in Litigation.” Together, the articles will form a roadmap of how to best work with a financial expert.

The series will cover these four phases of working with a financial expert during a case: 

  1. Hiring the Expert – Who to hire, when to hire, and how to find the right fit based on credibility and capabilities.
  2. What a Damages Expert Does – How a financial expert thinks, why the type of documents they need varies by case, and ultimately how they determine the damages.
  3. The Deposition – how to prepare your expert and depose an opposing expert witness.
  4. Mediation, Arbitration, or Trial – preparing your expert for testimony and cross-examining your opponent.

With this article series, we will give you a look into the financial expert’s world so the next time you have a case that involves a contract dispute, breach of contract, intellectual property infringement, interference with fair dealership relationships, dissenting stockholder actions, anti-trust actions for predatory pricing, price-fixing, etc., this series can be a resource. 

Stay tuned to your inbox and follow Capital Valuation Group on LinkedIn as we share more on successfully navigating each of these phases of the litigation process in the coming months. Or, give us a call if you want to discuss specifics related to a particular situation. We are always happy to have a complimentary initial discussion. 

Cathy Durham is a principal of Capital Valuation Group, Inc., headquartered in Madison, WI. Capital Valuation Group has been helping business owners across the country understand, increase and unlock the value of their businesses for over 40 years through keynote speaking, valuation analysis, determining damages and providing expert witness testimony. Cathy welcomes conference and event speaking inquiries and can be reached at Phone 608-257-2757

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