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Understanding Financial Statements

Are you looking to differentiate yourself and build relationships with business owners? 


October 20th, 2022 // 12:00PM CST


Presented by CapVal’s Jane Tereba, ASA, CPA 

Business owners use their financial statements to manage their businesses. As an advisor, it’s important to have an understanding of financial statements so you can speak the language of business and have meaningful conversations with business owners.Whether you’re looking for a basic intro or want to deepen your understanding of how financial trends can uncover important insights for your clients, you’ll find value in this training.

Please join CapVal’s Jane Tereba, ASA, CPA, on Thursday, October 20th from 12-1 p.m. CST to learn how to:

  • Read income statements and balance sheets to have a meaningful conversation. 
  • Identify why it’s the trends that tell the story, not a single period of financial information. 
  • Ask questions to get to the story behind the numbers.
  • Confidently meet with business owners to have a dynamic conversation with business owners that the average advisor is not having.
  • Understand the power of comparing your client’s performance to their industry peers.