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How Saleable Is Your Business?

One of my business partners at Capital Valuation Group, Cathy Durham, was recently published in InTech magazine, a publication of ISA, the leading professional association in the field of system integration. The article is called Beauty Is in the Eye of the Beholder— How Saleable Is Your Business? While originally written for system integrators, this […]

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Vitality of Rural Businesses

I just returned from a five-city tour throughout Northern Wisconsin. The cities varied in size, but all would be categorized as fairly rural communities. This speaking tour has been such a unique opportunity to travel around the state with Mike Matthews of Economic Growth Advisors as part of a grant sponsored by the WEDC (Wisconsin […]

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8 Ways to Build Value In a Family Business

Capital Valuation Group Madison

Dear Cathy, What would you say are the key ways to build value in a family owned business? I find myself so busy every day and yet my company’s revenue growth has been stagnant despite my industry’s moderate growth trends.  We are in the packaging industry and the company has been in my family for […]

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How Are Businesses Valued?

Capital Valuation Group Madison What is my business worth

Dear Cathy, I am the owner of a car dealership with 2 locations, and I find it stressful that I can’t answer the simple question “what is my business worth?” I need to know this as I plan for location expansion and insurance purposes.  Frankly, I have hesitated to reach out to someone because unlike […]

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Why Business Valuation Shortcuts Don’t Work

The Story Behind the Numbers . . . Dear Cathy, I have 100% ownership of a third-generation plastics manufacturing facility.  My 58th birthday is coming up and that has me really thinking about what comes next for the business after I retire…or I should say so that I can retire in the foreseeable future. I […]

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Cap Valuation Group Madison Transferability

Dear Cathy, I’ve owned a plumbing business for 20 years. As I work with my financial planner on retirement planning, I need to gain a better understanding about the value of my business.  A little background: I am a licensed plumber and do not have any employees, but my wife takes care of the business […]

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Why Business Valuations Are Needed

Capital Valuation Group Madison Bridging The Gap

Dear Cathy, I am a 56-year-old owner of a 2nd generation manufacturing business.  I have read about people getting business valuations and I’m interested to understand why I should look at doing this? Sincerely, Jim Jim, Thank you for your question!  Some people are forced to have their business valued due to the death of […]

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